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How To Fix Snapchat Keep Logging Me Out Issue

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Troubleshooting Login Issues

Top things to remember before you log in:
  1. Deactivate keyboard CAPSLOCK
  2. Using the right password
  3. Filling in the valid email/login-name
  4. Make sure it’s not a phishing website
  5. Not using VPN as some sites restrict VPN
  6. The internet connection is active and login form is loading cache
  7. If the site requires captcha, it must be valid. Regenerate if its not readable
  8. Still not resolved? Visit Loginask FAQs for specific cases

It can be aggravating to open Snapchat only to be reminded that you need to sign in again. However, it may also suggest a significant problem with the app.

By default, your Snapchat app should keep you signed in until you manually sign out. If Snapchat keeps automatically logging you out, it’s a warning that something isn’t right.

However, you don’t need to be concerned right away because most of these issues can be quickly resolved once the source is identified. Tech writers from BuyEssayClub agree that this article will go into the most common triggers of Snapchat logging you out and how to fix them.

When you log into your Snapchat account and activate the “remember me” feature, it will automatically redirect you to your account.

However, receiving the same login page to access your account after opening the Snapchat app on your phone is a frustrating experience that could have been resolved by any means. It appears that a number of Snapchat users are experiencing an issue where the app keeps logging them out and they must log in each time they visit the app. If you’re having the same problem, follow the steps in this troubleshooting guide to overcoming it.

Why does my Snapchat keep logging me out?

The majority of Snapchat users never feel the need to log out in between sessions. Signing out and back in any time you switch applications will be inconvenient, and because you can’t get any texts or other alerts until you’re signed in, there’s no need to do so. But that’s exactly what’s been happening to a lot of Snapchat users recently. They open the app expecting to see their most recent Snaps but instead are greeted by the log-in page.

But things get much worse. Some users are also reporting that when they log back into their Snapchat account after being mysteriously logged out, it logs them out almost instantly. What’s the deal with that?

Fix Snapchat keep logging me out issue

Updates and Background Refresh

Snapchat’s ‘Background App Refresh feature will often simply log you out. When the app receives a significant update, this occurs. You’ll be asked to log in again, and you’ll be good to go.

However, there is a chance that this context refresh will keep repeating. The device will force a background refresh every time you close the window, logging you out.

Switch off ‘Background App Refresh and see if that’s what’s causing your Snapchat to log out automatically.

Turn off Background Refresh

If you pick ‘off’ at the top of the menu, you can disable background refresh for all applications. If you only want to use it for Snapchat, look for it on the list and tap the right-hand toggle.

Third-Party Apps

If you use third-party applications with Snapchat, they may be the cause of your account being logged out. When you download a Snapchat third-party app, you’ll be asked to give it access to some Snapchat functions.

Any of these third-party apps could put your privacy in jeopardy. If Snapchat deems the apps to be dangerous, it will log you out of your account to protect you. This happens frequently, particularly if you have an iOS computer.

Delete any installed apps that needed access to your Snapchat features to address this.

Technical Glitch

This is yet another common problem that has sprung up in recent years. When the server is overloaded or there are changes, this happens often. Many Snapchat accounts are briefly disabled as a result of frequent updates. This has been a common issue for many Snapchat users in recent months. Do not be alarmed; instead, be patient and wait for the device or apps to return to normal.

Your Account Might Be Hacked

This is a less common concern, but it is the most extreme.

Strange activities on your profile can be found. For example, you could come across messages you didn’t send or contacts you didn’t add. Others might point out that you’re doing something strange. This generally suggests that your account has been compromised.

While it might seem to be a disaster, you can normally resolve the problem by taking these steps:

To sign out of all devices, repeat steps 1-6 from the previous portion.

• Update your password by going to Snapchat Help.

• Make sure your phone number and e-mail address are right.

• Sign in to your account once more.

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What If Nothing Works?

Changing your passwords and signing out of all of your computers should usually suffice. In a small percentage of instances, the issue continues.

If you’re still having trouble logging in to Snapchat, the next thing you can do is go to the Snapchat Support page and ask for help.

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